Triggerfish Crudo with Preserved Lemons and Truffle Oil  

Whenever we get a hold of fabulous fresh fish like this one, we run this wonderful Crudo as special. We’ve done it with Hog Snapper as well. So fresh so pristine that just a small accent of the preserved lemons and Truffle oil + Maldon Salt is all it needs.

Superb Tapas and Pintxos every Friday at The Embassy  

Read our review on Tasting Table Miami!
A decade ago, chef Alan Hughes’ restaurant, One Ninety, drew an eclectic crowd to Buena Vista long before Michael Schwartz or Jonathan Eismann pitched their tents in the area. Meanwhile, Hughes hosted a guerrilla dinner club, Luuur.Now, after four years as a private chef, Hughes has reclaimed a space in the neighborhood.
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Front of The House  

The prestigious brand of tableware F.O.H has asked Chef Alan Hughes to style a few dishes for their upcoming catalog and here we are, simply sharing some of the finished results. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving To-Go  

This year you can choose two different menus.
Our classic Thanksgiving Menu or the new Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu.
Both Menus serve 12-15 people and they are delivered to your home.
Simply Re-heat and serve! Place your order today. Limited quantities available!

Wine Club  

Wine Club members meet every second Tuesday of each month for the Monthly Wine Tasting: an exclusive evening of food and wine pairing. Members also have access to discounts on rare finds and unique bottles at amazing retail prices. Join now only $100 yearly membership.


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